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About us


Your oasis in the archipelago. It is a great vision. And nothing we do ourselves.


We have chosen to live, work and build our families in Vaxholm.

Vaxholm is a fantastic place. A city in the middle of nature. A hub for the Archipelago. Yes you know. A place made to create childhood memories. So we had the opportunity to take over Eriksö Camping. 

Our ambition is to create a place where you want to come all year round.
At Waxholms Camping you come as you are: on foot from the other side of the island, by car, bicycle or by boat. Waxholms Camping summarizes our love for nature, beach life and Vaxholm – packaged in an oasis in the middle of nature. 

Come as you are, leave us a little happier. 

Waxholms Camping is located in Vaxholm's outdoor area Eriksö, on Vaxön, which is Vaxholm's main island. Geographically, you will find us next to the bay with Bogesundslandet on one side and Kullön on the other. 


In terms of time, a few minutes from Vaxholm's city center and 30 minutes from Stockholm, but spiritually light years from the stress of the city, there is Eriksö nature area. In the middle of the mixed forest consisting of pine, spruce oak, alder, beech, linden and birch and slopes covered with blue sedges and white sedges opens a beautiful beach with a restaurant and archipelago cottages. Here, the sounds of seabirds, forest birds, children eating ice cream and outdoor hikers mix.

The sandy beach invites you to lovely summer days with our newly opened cafe and you have all summer to find your favorite ice cream.

Around the island there is an exercise track for running, which in winter turns into a cross-country track. Along the illuminated track, there is the opportunity to slip into the outdoor gym or to finish with something refreshing in the cafe. You decide for yourself. We are here for you. Warm welcome.

Meryem & Johan and Jonas & Jessica with staff. 

Family business

"Our ambition is to create a place where you want to come all year round."